ScreamerClauz believes we live in a donut shaped universe. Meaning we are all circling the perimeter of a big black hole that we could all get sucked into and stuff, but we're cool with just hanging out with the sugar and the batter and the uuuh... what else is in donuts? Jelly right? Actually I think the Jelly donuts don't have the hole in middle. Isn't that pretty crazy? How can a donut without a hole still be a donut? Wouldn't that make it just a regular pastry? I think Confucius might have said that. Or maybe Socrates. Yeah actually it was probably him, he's fatter. Or at least he was in that Bill & Ted movie. Hold on I'm going to do more research, brb. K, I'm back now. I just read wikipedia it says that donuts are fried dough food and that sometimes they have holes and sometimes they don't. But to me (personally) a donut without a hole is like a kitten that ran away from home, it's like, lost in the woods and stuff, or sometimes in car engines. We found a cat in our engine once, we named him engine cat. He didn't live very long. I think he was orange.



Hailing from the northeast U.S., Tense and Nevermind have mastered splitting eardrums and destroying speakers around the world with their ferocious breed of relentlessly precise and evil speedcore. Since meeting in 1997 these two terrors have worked together to bring speedcore to the next brutal level by releasing their auditory attacks on such labels as APOCALYPSE RECORDINGS, Industrial Strength, Grindcore Karaoke, VIRAL CONSPIRACY, Cunt Records, Hong Kong Violence, and Blastbeat. When not producing beats that make babies and grown men cry, they can be found fueling the pit at major events like Dominator (NL), Raving Nightmare (DE), Live Evil (UK), Masters of Hardcore (Italy), and Fuck Parade Berlin



Butchers Harem is a hip hop band from Australian. Mixing influences of Goregrind and Horrorcore Rap lyrics on heavy hip hop beats. The band was formed in the outer west of Sydney in the Blue Mountains as a collective featuring MC Bushpig, Cumblood, Anal Executioner, and MC Slurry. Officially formed in 2004 the project spawned off the remnants of the infamous Suicidal Rap Orgy which MC Bushpig had started in 2001. Butchers Harem was the first band in Australia and New Zealand to produce this style and have created a unique and influential Australian version of Horrorcore. Often referred to as the Brutal Australian sound. The band also made a large impression on the European scene paving the way to multiple tours of Holland, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Belgium and Greece . Bushpig released his first solo album as a CD in 2007 titled ‘WANK OF DEATH‘ on Butchers Harem Productions. In 2008-2009 after recording the still unreleased album 'X Rated Puppet Theatre of the Dead' most Butchers Harem members had quit the group. But finally in 2011 Bushpig and Cumblood released the first Butchers Harem album on Butchers Harem Productions titled 'Snuff Porn Gore'. The band is currently recording their 3rd album 'Erotic Stories Written In Blood'. Featuring appearances from Toecutta (A.I.D.S Crew), Woundbearer (former SRO member), and Mangina aka Anal Executioner. Expect to witness new levels of brutality and vomitous sickness from the master of Snuff Porn Rap.




Bloodshot began writing to hip hop in 1996 . He grew up listening to mostly East Coast style rap ( Wu-Tang , Gravediggaz , Cocoa Brovaz , Heltah Skeltah ). Another style he listened to was ( Memphis Rap ) , which consisted of nothing but gang related lyrics , mob based crews and southern influence. ( Prophet Posse , Hypnotize Mindz ). Around 2000 , Bloodshot decided to start doing Horrorcore music … After 9+ pressed released cd’s and over 15+ misc. releases , Bloodshot remains a heavy hitter in the genre. Bloodshot has done tracks with official established artists such as King Gordy , MC Mack , T-Rock , Mr.Sche , Black CZA of RBL Posse , Insane Poetry , Scum , Smallz One , Lord Infamous , Dj Cree & More… There’s a lot more to come out of this monster.  Bloodshot has been recognized for his accomplishments in the underground for a very longtime and now in 2011  Bloodshot has teamed up with an old Affiliate “KARDIAC” and together created the label ” Slaughtercore Entertainment ” A lot to come out of the HORRORCRUNK MASTER , and all the slaughterahs are invited for the ride…


Known as"The Baddest Mutha fucka on the Planet God damn it!" KGP is one of the most recognized artists in the genre of Horrorcore/Wicked Rap. Tha Ungod is considered a "classick" release by almost everyone supporting the underground wicked Shit. KGP has been seen performing with the Insane Clown Posse, MastaMind, House of Krazees, Eminem, Geto Boys, King Gordy, Tech N9ne, and more! The Ungod Cd is a follow up from the Classick Release Necrology--Also one of the most Classick releases in the whole fuckin Genre!!!!! Hatred was then released, a double cd that Kill's God's people in a way only KGP can do so... His latest, United Corpse of America, was released in 2012 and is a complete success! While remaining independent through his whole music career, in 2012, KGP teams up with Bloodshot and is prepared to take the entire world by storm with SCE.



You all know the legend , you all heard of NATAS. Now, the newest member of the S.C.E. household is Mastamind! For those who don’t know we shall dig back into the history. While attending Osborne High School Mastamind formed a group with Detroit legend Esham, they named the group “Natas”. In 1995 Mastamind released his debut album titled “Lickuidrano” which featured Esham and Dice. Fast Forward 5 years Mastamind came back to Haunt The Underground once again with his release in 2000 “TheMindzini” which got recognition and reviews by Murder Dog magazine, Murder Dog magazine’s readers voted Mastamind 2000′s “most slept on” rapper while also praising his album. Years and tours passed and in 2010 and 2011 Mastamind performed at the Gathering of the Juggalos 11th and 12th annual event. Mastamind is a proponent of the “acid rap” style originated by Esham. “7 albums deep” Mastamind signs to up and coming Horrorcore label Slaughtercore Entertainment. Scheduled to release “The Mastapiece” in 2012, Mastamind is determined to make an imprint in the Underground. Sit back, relax and take cover. Mastamind , S.C.E/ L.S.P & TOXSIC are going to put Mastamind ahead of time and space. S.C.E. PROUDLY WELCOMES DETROIT LEGEND MASTAMIND. Get ready to feast NATAS fans!


ILLNICKELL is a savage at the art of slaughter that brings a different element to the S.C.E Household, ILLNICKELL started off through a ritual routine of blazing up and freestyling over beats in his garage with a few friends, This progressed to recording on cassette tapes but the quaility was bad and it wasn’t till 2002 when ILLNICKELL met up with SMALLZ ONE and started to take a more serious approach, In 2004 They started the Group MORBIDELEMENTS,  ILLNICKELL found a lot of his influences coming from horror movies and used that to broaden his style into something raw unlike anyone else, ILLNICKELL has released many projects in the past and also preformed live with ABK, TECH N9NE, BLAZE, PROZAK, KING GORDY, KUNG FU VAMPIRE and many more so he’s not a stranger to the game… at one time he used to run his own label but now he’s found a new home with SLAUGHTERCORE,  A new album is already in the making and is scheduled to release on Slaughtercore later this year and it proves to be the most Brutal art of rap that ILLNICKELL has ever spit to this day.


Vendetta Agonizing takes you through the mouth of madness and dives into insanity with a twisted mesh of unique and hardcore vocals and the grimiest and hardcore of beats. He first invaded the horrorcore scene with the release of his first album in 2005 in a canadian town that only greeted him with hate and hostility. Every album see a progression and perfection of his vocals digging deeper in the darkness of his inner mind. Forever fighting thro haters, critics, and surviving with a few devote followers raised him to a new level. Joining forces with HorrorCrunk legend BloodShot and SlaughterCore Ent. Will reveal a new master to the masses Tha King Of Antz! The release of the first album with his new allegiance will begin his slaughter in a brand new darkness. The sound of the devil and the pits of hell are brought to earth with a sound that can only be defined as insane. Working with artists such as BloodShot, Smallz One & King Gordy he is not an artist to be taking lightly or underrated. So all Heathans Bow Down To Tha King Of Antz!!


MC Bushpig from The Blue Mountains region in New South Wales, Australia he is the creator of that brutal australian horrorcore sound. Bushpig started rapping and beat production in 2001 influenced by AUS artists like Cannibal Tribe, Def Wish Cast, Dominion, Clandestein and USA artists like Geto Boys, Gravediggaz and Triple Six Mafia. His first hiphop project was a 9 member punkrap/horrorcore group called Suicidal Rap Orgy which released their first album ‘Genital Warfare’ in 2003 on AUS experimental noise label Dual Plover. Soon after Bushpig quit the band due to various band conflicts and started working on solo material aiming at a darker, brutal more produced style. Collaborating with MC Slurry, The Woundbearer, Mangina aka Anal Executioner, Cumblood and MC Twot he started performing and recording with a new band called Butchers Harem. Bushpig released his first solo album on cd in 2007 self released titled ‘WANK OF DEATH‘ featuring raps by all these artists. In 2008-2009 after recording an album ‘x rated puppet theatre of the dead ‘ most Butchers  Harem members had quit , but finally in 2011 bushpig and cumblood released the first Butchers Harem album on cd titled’SNUFF PORN GORE‘, Also a brutal death metal vocalist (OdiusEmbowel) speedcore/breakcore producer (Passenger Of Shit) and a lifelong painter/ illustrator of perverted and extreme art. Bushpig collabs include withKardiac, Reverand Fang Gory, Toecutta, R.O.D, Sodoma Gomora + more. Soon to be released is a free e.p. ‘Fist Fuck Corpse‘ a collab album with german rape rap demon R.O.D called ‘SlaughterSex‘ and a new solo album ‘The Art of Gore ‘on Slaughtercore Entertainment that will show more skill and brutality than ever before.





Hailing from Windsor, Ontario, KannibalistiK crashed on to the local underground scene in 2001 with it's independent release "Blood Thirsty". The album was well received in the Windsor/Detroit area creating strong local support and gave birth to the now classic tracks "God Is Dead" and "Through My Eyes". With the growing popularity of the internet and digital media, Blood Thirsty quickly infected and spread over seas, gaining fans all over Europe and the eastern side of the world. In 2002 Kannibalistik was awarded the 91.5FM CJAM award for best new local talent thanks to late night radio air play on the now defunct Psychopathic Hour radio show. The promotional run for the album lasted two years and saw the release of two newer singles during that period, "H.A.T.E", which was released as an online single and "Satanic Poetry" which was released on the "Formation Of The Cult" compilation album. During this period Kannibalistik also worked with many aritsts including Defekt, hospital H, Fuckfase/Sedition, J Reno, Krimmy Van Skull, Bruce B, and Richy Nix among others. In 2003 Kannibalistik released the single "Bleeding For Midnight" to begin promoting the new Kannibalistik album Blasphemy". The single received rave reviews from the underground community due to its more aggressive style and hardened sound. The track was played regularly late-night on 91.5 FM and then.........Kannibalistik disappeared. Blasphemy was never recorded, Keno Kain (producer, composer, and front man for KannibalistiK) moved on to play guitar in various heavy metal bands, and Kannibalistik found its way to the grave.

However, KannibalistiK came back. He released Blasphemy: True Words Of Worship. And ended up Teaming up with KGP and Gore6. The rest is history in the making. Another album is in the works to be released on SlaughterCore Ent.


Born on the most unbalanced portion of Terra Firma (Baltimore, Maryland) on the day of Massacre of the village inhabitants of Garahgool January 23, 1982. Aaron Crankfield developing his melodious interest forms of expression through observing the self destructive ignorance of the progeny of the planet. The torture in its pain provoked his elicit wrath. Possessed with merciless demons from the anguish and merciful Spirits toward its inflection Wyzae was created. His moral depiction entails the dark secrets of the world. “His melodious expressions depicts his moral principles” As an adolescent, Wyzae found himself institutionalized with diverse musical talents fused with many different cultures and beliefs. Not one to be categorized for just his music, Wyzae became an entrepreneur in credence with what’s civil in society, but most of all, his spirited motif is one that shows within his artistry. His distinctive characterizations and concavity is conjured from within who he is. Wyzae’s image alone demands attention, with his music hypnotizing the minds of his fans who he calls "his vessels" who honor Wyzae’s Horrorcore. Wyzae’s talent goes beyond his music. He also writes all of his own video treatments, productions, music and theatricals. He has written a book entitled “Real Gangsterism” that is currently seeking publishing and a comic book released on October 31, 2011 entitled “Allegionz”. Wyzae’s first album “Nephilim Orchestra” was the calling from his improvised slumber. Continuously providing his Vessels with new music and videos, He brings thousands of viewers to share his creativity and vision. Wyzae’s new album “Momento Mori” is scheduled to be released in 2012.


Mista SmokeAlot from Victoria BC, Canada was spotted by Bloodshot and he brought  ”Smoke”  into the S.C.E Household a little while back for His fast and unique flow that ranges from many different aspects & tempos, From slow and sluggish to double time fast coke binge! His style is like early 2000 Memphis rap, Some of “Smokes” influences are Rakim, Wu Tang, Bone Thugs, Twista, 2Pac & Biggie, Mista SmokeAlot is still  in his early stages but never doubt the man for what’s to come,  Back in 2010 Smoke Released a Sampler of a project called Devil Cutz Vol.2 and now in 2011 Smoke Will be releasing The Full Album Of Devil Cutz Vol.2 On Slaughtercore, Which will be the most gritty grimy brutal style smoke has ever approached in his mind state of writing.


CON-CRETE was born on March 11th, 1981 on the wet streets of Seattle, WA in a haunted cemetary during a Satanic Ritual. Okay that's bullshit, he was born in a hospital, but that shit would have been awesome if it was true. The Dark Minister has been infecting the world with his Horrorcrunk flows for the over 10 years now along side his partner in crime Bloodshot, and has 5 solid albums under his belt which include "I HATE COPS" and "Blasphemer". CON-CRETE performed at events with artist such as Mastamind, Insane Poetry, Jason Porter, Shy One, Riff Raff, Haystack, Mars, ADR Lavey, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, ABK, V-Sinister, ABK, Devin The Dude, Andre Nickatina, Scum, King Gordy, Potluck, DGAF, Doomsday Productions like anybody gives a fuck who he opened for. Either way "The Dark Minister" is gonna keep on rocking mics until his fucking lungs explode bottom line.