No Escape DVD Recall Info

Stephen Biro here from Unearthed Films.

We have just found out there is some audio data corruption that popped up on the No Escape DVD. We totally apologize for this. We are working with MVD, our distributors to handle the disc replacement program for the No Escape DVD release. The Blu-ray is unaffected, so no worries there.

We will let you know ASAP when the program starts and how to get the fixed discs. We will also let you know when the new DVD's are in house, and ready to ship for this replacement program.

We found the error after 1000 of the DVD's were pressed and shipped. If you managed to buy one, the stereo 2.0 track works fine. This only affects the 5.1 and French tracks.

Again, the Blu-ray has none of these issues as it was separately mastered.

My deepest apologies,

Stephen Biro
Unearthed Films Corp.